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11 July 2011


According to Me we all are the lights that shine so bright! LOVING  yourself..who is inside you..who cums beside you..being in patience  kind things helps us the most... HUMANITY tells everything about a person! Our spirit flows freely if we allow to do so...really! I am  a believer of  LOVE, COMPASSION and ACCEPTANCE of what people I have in my beautiful life! And I will be same for other people too as long as I will be able to! ;)

As much as I consider everyone have lion's spirit and soul inside them.  The only difference is we have to explore them with our close eyes.. ^_^
The lions are always being something like attractive to me from my childhood.  I have loved documentaries about them.

Here are some of my favorite poetry regarding what this blog is for! Here they goes...

              There Is A MAGIC in you!

Sometimes, what we share,
seems like a perfect dream.
It seems as if heaven is smiling down on us,
and nothing could ever go wrong.
There’s a mountain before you
One you feel you can never climb
The distance is frightening,
but I know you can make it to the other side

If only you try
I’ve seen the strength
that you carry inside
I’ve seen the will, the passion
the fight in your eyes
I’ve witnessed your ambition
I know you can do it one more time

Don’t ever give up on
what’s in your heart
Don’t ever let go of
What it is you believe in
Don’t ever say the road is too tough
And that it’s better to quit
yes there is a MAGIC in you!!

    SATISFY The Soul

Your soul inside you needs to feed
The soul your body needs to lead
It can not lead unless it knows
The way your body needs to go

By bread alone man can't survive
The spirit brings the body alive
God's own mouth did send His word
To our soul His word is good

If on this earth you now live
Some advice I now do give
If a problem you want to flee
First your mind must be set free

Words will feed a hungry soul
Take God's Word, now chew it slow
Feed the hunger and quench the thirst
Your body will not profit first

Prepare your mind now it's your choice
Whose words now will you give voice?
God's got a plan for your life my dear
Now it's His Word I pray you hear

God sent His Word to heal you man
Now get His Word and make a stand
There's many promises you may receive
If you will only in God's word believe

In God's Word you'll find the key
God's Word is truth- truth sets you free
God's Word is food for a hungry soul
Once satisfied your soul will glow

Once your soul begins to glow
Your body will begin to show
In God's word you have believed!

Have a good life folks and wish you success!

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